November 26, 2012

Lao Words of the Day - Lao (Homonym)

Lao Words of the Day - Lao (Homonym) - written in Lao and English

Homonyms are words that sound similar or the same but actually have different meanings.  Lao language is very tonal.  Here are 5 words that sound similar however to non-Lao speakers they probably all sound completely the same but the tones are subtle.  Can you pronounce them correctly?


  1. rice wine/whiskey/liquor= ເຫລົ້າ or ເຫຼົ້າ not ເລົ້າ. ເລົ້າ is the place (little house) to store the rice.

  2. We stand corrected. And you're right ເລົ້າ is the rice storage usually a little storage house for rice. Thanks for reminding us!