November 27, 2012

Press Conferences Galore!

It's become commonplace in Laos that with any new announcement or event, whether it be political, cultural, sport, religious, business, or convention that it's now accompanied with a ubiquitous must have press conference.  Press conferences are everywhere these days.

They can be fun or sometimes boring.  But what's surprising are the number of them.  On the one hand it's good to be open about announcements and it keeps everyone, public and media alike, informed about what's going on.  Although at some point you begin to wonder was a full press conference necessary?  A press release document notifying news outlets of an announcement can be just as effective and more time and cost efficient as well.  But that's just our suggestion!

Nevertheless, a press conference is always good to put faces and names to and it allows interested parties to pose questions to those involved.

See any press conferences?  Do you have any opinion on them?  Feel free to comment below.

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