November 02, 2012

National Library of Laos Moving into New Building at New Location

National Library Moving to New Home
As reported by the Vientiane Times on September 27 2012


It's been reported by the Vientiane Times that the National Library of Laos (NLOL), haw samut haeng sat, will be moving to a new location and into a brand new building.  Though it won't be for two years.

Nevertheless, this is wonderful news!  I'm a bookworm so when I read this I was elated and excited for them.  When I visited the haw samut years ago, there were really only 2 main rooms that were available for users.  And a lot of books were often kept in locked cabinets.  But I do understand the reasons why which was to keep the books in good condition and to prevent theft.  You had to ask for someone working at the library to get the book for you, if it was locked.

I do recall the building seemed small and old for a building that represented an organization with the word "National" in it.  They have a limited budget, so hearing that they're getting a new building is really surprising but very good news.  Can't wait to see the building when it's done.

Quick facts on the National Library of Laos
  • Current building was constructed in the French style in 1923. It formerly served as the Governor's residence, during the time when Laos was a French protectorate.
  • NLOL was established in 1956.
  • It has been at the current location on Thanon Pangkham since 1987.  (Other nearby buildings include the Police Station and Muslim mosque.)
  • Though they have previously moved locations 5 times.
  • New building being designed by Buakham Design and Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • New building being built by Chitchareun Construction Co., Ltd.
  • New location:  Xaysettha district's Sivilay village, near the Kaysone Phomvihane Museum.
  • NLOL has several programs and initiatives, namely, the palm leaf preservation project and the bookmobile.

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