November 16, 2012

Water and Fish - From Perspective of Lao Villagers

Video Credits: Directed by Khamphet Thapekaisone, 
Written and Produced by Phouvong Phetphayvanh, 
With support from Mekong Watch and KNCF.
Via Youtube.

This is a great video to watch as it shows how integral the rivers, fish and other water animals are in the lives of many people living in Laos.  There's a lot derived from the river, not least of which include food and the support of people's livelihoods. This is an an older video but still relevant especially with what's going on today.

Interesting to watch.  And they show how padek is made!  If you're not Lao you won't appreciate that particular part.  But if you are Lao, you'll be salivating and wanting to taste it!

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