November 21, 2012

Mekong Diaries - Laos (videos)

The Mekong Diaries is a series of short films featuring Laos and other Southeast Asian countries, all of whom rely on the Mekong River.  It discusses the effects of economic changes and what it means for the river, as well as conservation, fishing, development in remote areas and Chinese investments that are changing the land and river.

The series was created by Good Morning Beautiful Films.  An Australian film company seeking inspiration, justice and adventure through film and art.

The following 3 videos are the ones featuring Laos.  For all the other videos check out there link below.

Mekong Diaries - Laos:  Battery of Asia

 Mekong Diaries - Laos:  A Fall in the River

Mekong Diaries - Laos:  The People's River

To see all the other films in the series check out:

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